What Is Slow Beauty?

What Is Slow Beauty?

The slow movement encompasses the belief of being mindful. Whether it be slow beauty, slow fashion, slow living, it is all about investing in items or a way of life that is consciously driven. 

Most people are on autopilot, half asleep at the wheel, trying to desperately get through the day in one piece. And who can blame them? When the hours in the day are not enough to accomplish all there is to do.

Queue the slow movement. 

Slow living is about becoming more conscious of your life choices, even the mundane decisions of 'what's for dinner'? Knowing that life can be lived deliberately, without it happening to you, but for you. Taking moments through out the day to understand why you feel overwhelmed or what is within your control and slowing it all down.

Slow beauty is an extension of that way of life. Finding skincare products or skincare brands that speak to what you believe in most and making a conscious investment in those beliefs. Vegan? Cruelty free? Natural? Small batches? Slow beauty will often feel like a luxury because it has ritualistic characteristics. When you've taken the time to find a brand or product that is a reflection of you, or maybe it's a way of life that you'd like to live, then there is a completely different energy when you're using that body scrub or face wash. 

You'll find that slow beauty brands are small to medium sized business's that offer sustainable work practices such as the way they source ingredients, eco packaging, and using natural resources. Slow beauty doesn't necessarily mean boring either. You can be a maximalist and still believe in slow beauty. It's all about what speaks to you and your belief in deliberate living. 

What will you consciously invest in today? 

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